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Of course they know.

[That Vulture article from April 2013]

People really need to read the article because Mark Ruffalo’s response was amazing.

He did not ridicule the fans for their slash art. He didn’t say they were gross. He instead GOT EXCITED and praised them for being so creative and taking the characters to heart and running with them.

Also, ugh those fucking two they are so cute

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make me choose → Jaime and Tyrion or Jaime and Brienne

"Jaime, he thought, despairing. My own blood, my big strong brother. When I was small he brought me toys, barrel hoops and blocks and a carved wooden lion. He gave me my first pony and taught me how to ride him. I never doubted him. Why would I?”

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yet another A Study in Pink and His Last Vow parallel

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has this been done yet

Pluto hit me right in the feels

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can we just take a second to talk about robet’s chair? i’m laughing so hard i can’t

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- You’re a punk.

- Jerk.

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